Digital and Social Corporate Identity

The Digital CRM model - Content, Relationship and Monitoring - is part of the strategic and sustainable concept of a structure composed of: research, diagnostics, metrics, feedbacks and operation of an entire system aiming at the construction of relationships and obtaining organic results.

Its structure and organization is conceptualized in a rich strategic planning model. In which each brand / business has its personalization and segmentation according to goals and desires.

Digital CRM is the strategic and more structured way to build the Digital and Social Corporate Identity of your brand and company.

What stories should your brand have in social media? How to identify the best content and make it attractive to your target audience? Content is part of the essence of a brand. Tangibilizing this content is fundamental to create rapprochement with your consumers and prospects. Content curation is an important pillar during this phase and throughout the CRM process and in building the digital corporate identity of a brand.

Does your brand have great content, but do not know how to relate and provoke interactions with your customers and consumers? It is probably not converting this content into results. Social networks are channels of relationships. Relationships are business in disguise. Creating relationship and conversation strategies are important pointers to attracting and engaging your target audience.

Your brand relationship is going 100% and everything is aligned with content curation and strategy, okay? Great. So we do not need to monitor, right? WRONG. Monitoring plays a key role in Digital CRM. It is responsible for identifying opportunities (monitoring opportunities), mapping behaviors and desires of the target audience through feedbacks and comments, classifying feelings and perceptions, developing market research and benchmarking with competitors, as well as creating specific filters of potential keywords for your business.


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