Advantages of syonet crm

In an increasingly competitive world where products are similar in quality, technology and warranty terms ... Prices are also similar ... And what is your company doing to differentiate itself from competitors? Announcement in the newspaper, on the Internet, promotion, competing on the basis of "lowering price" flattening its margins? This everybody does.


  • Who are your top 100 customers?
  • How much does it cost for you, get this information today?
  • Do you differentiate the best customers from the other customers?
  • If you do not know who they are, you probably treat everyone equally.

Can your company quickly and easily focus sales actions on targeted groups of prospects and customers more likely to buy?


REAL COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE is the knowledge that you have of your customers and that your competitors do not have. What level of knowledge do you have today from your customers? Do you know enough about them?

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: Turning this knowledge into sales actions?

Syonet CRM

It keeps everything organized, standardized, manages and reminds you and your staff of all of this. Everything in a simple and uncomplicated way is why we are in more than 1300 COMPANIES IN ALL BRAZIL. The equity of a business is the number of satisfied customers who are in order to pay again for their products and services.

  • Easy and convenient to use;
  • Automatic filters without human intervention;
  • Get every day on your computer screen sales opportunities;
  • After-Sale Notification, Recontacts and more;
  • There is no need to go every day behind the customer information and your sales opportunities, Collaborative CRM delivers to you, you just have to schedule what you want and when you want. That simple.

Total control

Follow-up of actions related to the process of relationship, sales, post-sales, recontacts and collection, through workflow, transaction history and approaches already carried out, even when redistribution of the portfolio to third parties is required.

Full retake / rescheduling management, open sales opportunities, prospective customers, lost sales leads, and everything else you need to manage your sales force and not be forgotten.

Prospect generation

Full online and real-time measurement and monitoring of the business opportunities that are with your sales force, no matter where they come from: Store, Email, Website, or Phone.

Fill your sales force with hot information daily.

Collaborative CRM automatically remembers:

  • Which customers are in a position to make revisions / inspections buy again, upgrade;
  • Which customers you should do after-sales research;
  • Customers who are making X months of the last purchase;
  • Customers who make X months who do not buy;
  • Customers who have not purchased such a product yet;
  • Birthday customers;
  • Database search based on pre-programmed parameters

  • Selects customers in: Point of purchase, Buyback, Upgrade and Others

  • Confirms with the customer the intention to purchase

  • "Killer" approach of the seller

  • Closing of business, Sale


What are they, how many are and what is the situation of the sales opportunities that are with your salespeople in all your stores today, now, at this minute? How many customers came into your store today, yesterday, last week, last month?
If you sell 200 products (cars, mattresses, furniture, televisions, etc.) per month, approximately 650 customers passed through your store. 450 left without buying. Do you consider selling lost? What is your strategy for these customers?

Do you consider selling lost? What is your strategy for these customers?

Rescue and Persecution
Its main mission is to identify the REAL REASON that the customer left without buying and bring it back into their store.

Campaign module

By phone, email, SMS or mailing.

  • Over 150 filters generating events for prospecting, recontact, rescue, sales and other actions you need.
  • Greater assertiveness, campaigns with better results, minimizing possibilities of error:
    • Analyze the quality of the list of names likely to buy;
    • Analyzes the number of schedules made;
    • Analyzes the number of visits and number of proposals;
  • Segmenting customers and prospects into specific groups more likely to buy.


Call Center, SAC, Ombudsman, 0800, Customer Service Center, Franchise Service Center, Telesales, Sales Portal ... No need to change or change your existing telephone exchange.


  • Generation of Leads
  • Service Scheduling
  • Various Prospects and Campaigns
  • Proactive customer contacts
  • Capturing new customers

Post Sales and Service

  • Qualification, enrichment and updating of registration
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • SAC
  • Ombudsman
  • Market research
  • Active and Receptive Telemarketing

Other Actions

  • Retention
  • Activation
  • Rescue / Persecution
  • Top Finders
  • Customer Channel / Contact Points Management
  • And also: integration with central telephone, voice recording, CTI, VOIP, DAC (service queues), module Productivity, Monitoring and Supervision

It also has complete service statistics, such as:

  • ACST - Average Customer Service Time
  • ACTR - Average Call Time Received
  • TTOP / TMOP - System Operation Time
  • TAC - Total Answered Calls

Total integration with your site

All contacts via website are registered automatically (without human intervention) in CRM creating automatic alerts in real time so your company does not lose business opportunities or even stop responding to customers.

  • Automatically generate Opportunity Opportunities right from your site to your sales force
  • Customer accesses your company website and completes a form. Example: 'Contact Us'
  • Collaborative CRM communicates with your site and captures the customer's message;
  • Collaborative CRM generates a business opportunity event for your sales force.

Send SMS

Send text messages to any mobile phone operator automatically / individually. Excellent tool for your sales team and your call center. We are providers / creators of SMS and not resellers, this means that our prices are extremely competitive.

  • Sales force

  • Commercial Representatives

  • Promoters

SMS is the fastest channel of communication between companies and their vendors.

  • Convene meetings and send quick messages
  • Report competitor actions
  • Forward phones and addresses of customers and prospects
  • Report changes to the visit script
  • Inform flight and hotel reservations
  • Inform available commissions and payment dates
  • Report launches, special promotions, new payment terms and price changes
  • Forward customer complaints
  • Inform new business opportunities
  • Inform sales history per customer
  • Inform products without stock or with stock already available
  • Inform the financial situation of customers
  • Disclose daily the goals and results obtained
  • Inform the deadline.

Other Applications

  • Real estate agents with their brokers
  • Security companies with their employees
  • Hospitals and clinics with your doctors and nurses
  • Consulting / Auditing companies with their consultants
  • Research companies with their researchers
  • Transportation companies with their drivers (taxi, bus, trucks, etc.)
  • Shopping malls with their shopkeepers
  • Delivery companies with their motoboys
  • Radios, Newspapers and Tvs with their reporters and journalists
  • Government with its health agents, labor agents, police officers, among other public officials
  • Builders with their engineers and construction supervisors

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