The Collaborative CRM is part of a software and consulting solution responsible for the management of sales, after sales and SAC of companies. Our CRM software is 100% web user and manages all contacts of Customers and Prospects. It controls the entire life cycle of the Customer from prospecting to selling and after-sales.

With 15 years of market and more than 1300 active Customers all over Brazil, Syonet is specialized in customer management. Our products and services, such as CRM software and strategy, are focused on complex sales management, post-sales, campaigns and customer segmentation aimed at a better understanding of your business processes and commitment to your results.

Management and Control Sales Channels and Representatives
with multiple filters to cross data, mount you
even your sales campaigns and find in your bank
data most likely to buy:

Follow-up of actions related to the process of relationship, sales, post-sales, recontacts and collection, through workflow, transaction history and approaches already carried out, even when redistribution of the portfolio to third parties is required.

Full retake / rescheduling management, open sales opportunities, prospective customers, lost sales leads, and everything else you need to manage your sales force and not be forgotten. Fuel your sales force daily with hot information.

A população ela precisa da Zona Franca de Manaus, porque na Zona franca de Manaus, não é uma zona de exportação, é uma zona para o Brasil. Portanto ela tem um objetivo, ela evita o desmatamento, que é altamente lucravito. Derrubar arvores da natureza é muito lucrativo!
Primeiro eu queria cumprimentar os internautas. -Oi Internautas! Depois dizer que o meio ambiente é sem dúvida nenhuma uma ameaça ao desenvolvimento sustentável. E isso significa que é uma ameaça pro futuro do nosso planeta e dos nossos países. O desemprego beira 20%, ou seja, 1 em cada 4 portugueses.


With the potential of Syonet CRM, you will make the best management of Leads in portfolio, taking full advantage of your communication and publicity actions. The more focused your messages and actions are, the more accurate your campaign will be and the greater your return.
In an increasingly competitive world where products are similar in quality, technology and warranty terms ... prices are also similar ... And what is your company doing to differentiate itself from competitors?
Announcement in the newspaper, on the Internet, promotion, competing on the basis of "lowering price" flattening its margins? This everybody does.

Have you ever thought of a strategy with

focus on customers and for customers?

Lead Management and Sales Channels

of sale
Active and Receptive
Call Center
BI: Database
Events, Trade Shows
Product launches
Canais Geradores de Negócios:

With more than 180 filters for cross-data, mount your own sales campaigns yourself and find in your database customers prone to buy.

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What are they, how many are and what is the situation of the sales opportunities that are with your salespeople in all your stores today, now, at this minute?
How many customers came into your store today, yesterday, last week, last month?
If you sell 200 products (cars, mattresses, furniture, televisions, etc.) per month, approximately 650 customers passed through your store. 450 left without buying.
Do you consider selling lost? What is your strategy for these customers?
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  • Rubens Russo Júnior

    Diretor de Pós-Venda
    Grupo Vigorito

    We used Syonet CRM six years ago. In 2015 we decided to outsource workshop schedules to reduce costs, but we did not get the expected result. We had a decrease in the number of appointments and the quality of…

  • Amaury Pedrosa

    Diretor Pós-Vendas Hyundai
    Grupo Parvi

    The Syonet CRM system is very intuitive, easy to use, and the reporting of KPIs and reports is very good. Another benefit we gained was the creation and triggering of campaigns via SMS, email and others. Now, we can…

  • Carlos Daniel Antunes

    Gerente de Planejamento
    Grupo Barigui

    Before the information was in spreadsheets, which delayed the work a lot. As our focus is on the results, we chose the Syonet solution and the benefits are visible day by day. We are increasing the number of schedules…

  • Alexandra El-deir

    Gerente de Planejamento
    BDC da ADTSA

    Previously we had not been able to correctly measure our results in surveys and schedules but since the implementation of the Syonet solution we have already noticed an increase in scheduling.

  • Vinicíus Dias

    Gerente de Marketing
    Grupo Brasileiro

    Syonet CRM is a key element in our relationship strategy with our customers, both in the cycle of achievement, activation, loyalty and retention of these consumers. The tool keeps bringing more relevant advantages to our Relationship Marketing,…

  • Rodrigo Leta

    Gerente de Marketing & CRM
    Grupo Leauto

    The efficiency in digital marketing offered by the two boards is strategic, today 2,000 monthly workshop schedules are made by telephone contact. Our goal in this first moment has been reached with the work of Syonet and Lead Force…

  • Marcel Albani

    Coordenador de Marketing
    Grupo Pianna

    Before we could schedule 25% of th reviews and today we have reached the 80% mark. Another interesting number is that we only do 40% of satisfaction surveys and now we can do it with 100% of our customers.…

  • Lincoln Cabral

    Gerente de Marketing
    Grupo Viamar

    Syonet's CRM is flexible, guarantees 100% reliable integration with assemblers, offers efficient post-sales functions and also delivers KPIs in a customized way. With Syonet, we have customized reports, accurate scheduling of car review, we do not lose sight of…

  • Edson Machado

    Gerente de TI
    Grupo Zacarias

    With Syonet, there was a 40% increase in the prospecting rate for GM dealers and we have more control in these key sectors for any company in the automotive industry.

  • Alice

    Blusa Veículos

    All customer information as well as vehicle review dates were kept in spreadsheets on the computer and needed to be updated at all times. The service turned out to be very inefficient, we could not have good data control,…

  • Maurício Augusto

    Diretor Geral
    Real Veículos

    Syonet has a great and satisfying track record in CRM system deployments for automotive companies and very efficiently meets all of our needs. Our agility and return has grown 90%, now we have access to all the information in…


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